24/7 Prayer Advance

We are covering our nation with prayer, non-stop, 24 hours a day. Feel free to log in and join us for an hour. Even if all the slots are filled, you can still add your name. The more the merrier!

The following hour-slots are still to be filled:

Thursday 3 December: 4pm-5pm

Friday 4 December: 2am-3am; 6pm-7pm

Saturday 5 December: 1am-2am; 2am-3am; 6am-7am; 10am-11am; 2pm-3pm; 5pm-6pm; 6pm-7pm; 8pm-9pm; 9pm-10pm

Sunday 6 December: 1am-2am; 2am-3am; 3am-4am; 4am-5am; 6am-7am; 11am-12 noon; 1pm-2pm; 2pm-3pm; 3pm-4pm; 4pm-5pm; 5pm-6pm; 6pm-7pm; 8pm-9pm

In cooperation with 24/7 Prayer in the UK, we have set up a way that makes it very easy for you to book yourself in:


Also, you can book prayer slots by emailing nick@solidrock.ie

About nickpark

Senior Pastor of the Solid Rock Church of God in Drogheda. National Overseer of the Church of God in Ireland. Executive Director of Evangelical Alliance Ireland. Husband to Janice. Father to Kirsty. Passionate about Church Planting, Missiology, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Following Jesus.
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