Emphasis for 2020

Our vision for 2020 is “Build Your Kingdom Here”

We want to cooperate with God to see His Kingdom established in our hearts, homes, church and nation.

Therefore, this year, we are concentrating on the following:

Building Foundations: We want to set in place the essential foundations of praise & worship, prayer, and the word of God.

Building Relationships: Godly relationships are the glue that holds a church together. We want to facilitate the building of healthy relationships within the local church, and with other churches. No-one should be left feeling ‘on the edge of things’.

Building Leaders: No more squeezing share pegs in round holes! We are committed to helping God’s people discover their unique gifts and calling, and then find a place where they can exercise and apply these discoveries.

Building Character: Gifts, power and charisma are empty without integrity and character. We are committed to being a WYSIWYG church (What You See is What You Get).

Building Good Habits: Good results don’t fall magically out of the sky. We need to establish good practices in our lives.

Building Bricks & Mortar: We have already engaged an architect to develop plans for a larger building that will enable all our members to gather at the same time in worship, and also allow space for continued growth.


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